At Fruitful Market we strive to be a convenient and enjoyable place to enjoy delicious food prepared in our kitchen or to pick up high quality organic groceries.

Tucked into the Dundas and Carlaw neighbourhood, our store and eatery was born out of a desire to serve food where there is a strong focus on high quality organic foods, human nutrition, and environmental sustainability.

Almost all our produce is organic. In our kitchen and on our shelves you can find pastured eggs, fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables, organic milk and dairy products, double fermented sourdough bread, and organic coffee made with freshly roasted beans.

Our prepared foods also include grass fed beef and sustainably caught fish, which are cooked using high quality oils, and served with house-made mayonnaise and sauces.

We are always searching to find the highest quality producers and suppliers. We do carry imported products like bananas and oranges, relying on organic certification and using respected organic distributors.