Fruitful Market was born out of a desire to find truly nutrient-dense food, containing the minerals, vitamins and flavours it once did, before conventional farming came on the scene. Our belief is that this type of food comes from farms that take a biological approach to agriculture and empower the soil ecosystem. So with that in mind, one of the first things we did was partner with two like-minded farms to supply us with fresh produce during the Ontario growing season. This enables us to provide our customers with just-harvested produce and greater knowledge of where and how it was grown. We take a similar approach to sourcing other items such as grass fed meat, eggs and dairy products and other products such as chocolate, coffee, grains and ready-to-eat packaged goods. We are always searching to find the highest quality producers and suppliers. We do also carry imported products like bananas and oranges, relying on organic certification and using respected organic distributors.

Tucked into the Dundas and Carlaw neighbourhood, we strive to be a convenient and enjoyable place to go grocery shopping or grab a bite to eat, and are open from early to late.